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Who's Lobbying for Whom: Hearing aid program changes prompt registration

A list of new, renewed and amended registrations with the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.

Published Feb 2, 2024 at 9:03pm

Kamal Aboulmagd
Kamal Aboulmagd
Who's Lobbying for Whom: Hearing aid program changes prompt registration

The province's controversial changes to polices around hearing aid funding are attracting attention on the lobbying circuit.

Amplifon was registered last week by Al MacDermid, Jeffrey Bangs, Jim Burnett, and Peter Curtis, all consultants with Pathway Group Inc. The goal of their joint registrations was to address the recent assistive devices program policy changes.

Under the changes, people looking to tap into provincial financial support for hearing aids (or assistive devices) need to visit an audiologist, rather than just an instrument specialist. The program offers up to a $1,000 in financial support for a device, which can come up to around $3,500.

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