New OLP president McGarry tasked with ‘rebuilding’ third-place party

McGarry said one of her top tasks in the new job will be to connect with members and ensure they feel heard.

Published Mar 10, 2023 at 8:06pm

Marco Vigliotti
Marco Vigliotti
New OLP president McGarry tasked with ‘rebuilding’ third-place party
Newly elected Ontario Liberal Party president Kathryn McGarry speaks during the party's 2023 Annual Meeting at the Hamilton Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ont., on Sunday, March 5, 2023. (Alex Lupul/The Canadian Press)

Kathryn McGarry has only been Liberal party president for less than a week, but she’s already well aware of the biggest challenges of her new role.

It’s now her job to lead the Liberals through an expectedly busy leadership race and rebuild the party infrastructure after two bruising election losses.

“It's going to be essential for me to strengthen relationships between caucus and our party, between the party and our [riding associations], and our party and our broader membership,” McGarry said in an interview with QP Briefing on Friday.

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