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MPPs asked to leave the legislative chamber for defying the keffiyeh ban

Despite the open protests from members of her caucus, Leader of the Official Opposition Marit Stiles said she doesn’t think keffiyehs are political symbols.

Published May 8, 2024 at 8:12pm

Barbara Patrocinio
Barbara Patrocinio
MPPs asked to leave the legislative chamber for defying the keffiyeh ban
Independent MPP Sara Jamah and NDP MPPs Kristyn Wong-Tam and Joel Harden after being asked to leave the legislative chamber this Monday for defying the keffiyeh ban. (QP Briefing / Barbara Patrocinio)

The Ontario legislature is once again turning its attention to keffiyehs this week, as MPPs, mostly from the NDP caucus, are defying the speaker's ban on the scarves.

On Wednesday, NDP MPP Jill Andrew was named and asked to leave the legislative chamber for wearing a keffiyeh, a black-and-white scarf often worn to show support for Palestine.

It comes after two NDP MPPs, Kristyn Wong-Tam and Joel Harden, also left the chamber on Monday after defying the speaker's ban, when independent MPP Sara Jama were asked to leave for the same reason.

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