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How recent revelations undermine Doug Ford’s Greenbelt story

All this stuff may be dry and complicated but when you take a step back, these revelations are serious. The integrity commissioner has indicated that he is looking into the email, and it is incumbent for those on the outside to keep asking questions.

Published Feb 2, 2024 at 8:39pm

John Milloy
John Milloy
How recent revelations undermine Doug Ford’s Greenbelt story

Why are we continuing to allow Premier Ford to get away with the Greenbelt scandal?

I give credit to the Toronto Star for trying to resurrect the issue. They recently ran a story about an email sent by one of the premier’s most senior staffers. Unearthed by the NDP, it indicated a much deeper involvement by Ford’s office in the seamy mess than we were ever led to believe.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to care. The day of the Star story, I heard a talk radio host announce that she wasn’t going to be dealing with the new revelations as there was “nothing left to discuss”.

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