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Environmentalists, opposition parties condemn Ontario's decision to overturn OEB ruling

"This is all too similar to the Greenbelt scandal: the government is legislating against the public good in the services of a few private interests, namely Enbridge and housing developers," said Keith Brooks, programs director for Environmental Defence.

Published Feb 27, 2024 at 6:40pm

Davis Legree
Davis Legree
Environmentalists, opposition parties condemn Ontario's decision to overturn OEB ruling
Enbridge's offices in Calgary (Mack Male via Flickr)

Environmental groups are decrying new legislation from Ontario's government overruling a decision from the provincial energy board that would require an upfront payment to connect new residential builds to Enbridge's natural gas network.

Announced by Energy Minister Todd Smith last week, the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act would reverse a December ruling from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that would essentially require developers to pay thousands to connect each new home to natural gas. If passed, the bill would reset the payment process back to its current structure, where Enbridge customers pay for the connection over 40 years through monthly bills.

Smith said the OEB ruling could result in developers passing the upfront cost of connections on to homebuyers, thus further increasing the cost of housing amidst an ongoing crisis in the sector.

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