We annotated Ford's defence of his not-so-fully-costed platform

We annotated Ford’s defence of his not-so-fully-costed platform

LONDON—PC Leader Doug Ford held a press conference Thursday to say that the Tories, unlike the NDP, support the troops.

But the media were interested in other news, as the presser marked the first time Ford would be available speak to what the PCs are touting as a "fully-costed plan."

Economists have taken issue with the idea that the plan constitutes the "fully-costed platform" Ford had promised, as it doesn't explain how it will be funded, when the budget will be balanced, or what budget baseline it is working with.

In his comments to the press, Ford expressed confidence in his plan and dismissed the efforts of the other parties. Below is the annotated press availability. Note, generally only five questions are allowed at Ford's press conference, and it is difficult to get follow-up questions considered.

We've provided additional context and fact-checks for various statements and claims. Just click on the highlighted portion and you can read more in the sidebar.

David Hains

QP Briefing Reporter

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