The Funding Portal - Week of March 27

The Funding Portal – Week of March 27

Funding for the week of March 27, 2017 under Canadian federal and provincial grants and business incentive programs reached $2.39 billion, up from $892.5 million during the previous week.

Top Sector. Transportation is the top sector this week, attracting $1.54 billion, 65 per cent of total incentives.

Top Region. Ontario is the top province this week, securing $1.73 billion, accounting for 73 per cent of total national disbursements this week.

Top Recipients in Ontario.

  • 312 public transit projects across Ontario receive $1.48 billion in federal funding from the Canada-Ontario Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).
  • Ford of Canada receives $204.8 million in funding from the Governments of Canada and Ontario to create 300 new jobs in the province.
  • 19 municipalities across Ontario receive $25 million from the Connecting Links program to improve road safety and create or sustain jobs.


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